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You're yelling again...

This use of ALL CAPS can sure make things difficult for message readers. The Editor took the liberty of making some changes to this WEA.

We've added the name of the organization up front for all message receivers to see.

The name of the hazard for law enforcement activity is a tricky one... but the words "tactical situation" don't relay a lot of information for people who are not privy to policing language. Perhaps it means that there is a shoot out? Or a hostage? Or a raid? We don't know from the message, but we can certainly try to improve the message with language that is a bit more accessible.

We left the location information as is, but used our ALL CAPS font to call attention to the actions that we wanted to emphasize.

The original message says to go to the Sheriff's social media page; a simpler way of doing this would be to provide the URL in the message. This will make it easier to for the receiver to find the right source of information, quickly, with confidence. (URLS are supported by WEA, so why not include it?).

We also told people WHEN to call 911, instead of telling them NOT to call 911.

We think a few easy changes makes this a more understandable message and it directs people to additional information that they need for decision making.


Feel free to post this on your social media site, just remember to attribute it to The Warn Room and include the web address: - Thank you!

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