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Write with Style that catches the EYE

One of the strategies to improve message readability is to use a mix of upper and lower case letters. This will naturally draw the attention of the viewer to specific words that are included in CAPITAL letters, By capitalizing the First Letter In a Word, you create breaks between words for the reader, which could also reduce the need for punctuation . By capitalizing ALL OF THE WORDS IN A SENTENCE, you not only >yell< at the reader, (which is rude) but you also reduce readability for people with dyslexia and make it impossible for machine readers.

A WEA message presented in ALL CAPS is not accessible. But we also know that the use of CAPS will draw attention in a block of text.

Until WEA is changed to allow for white space or other textual features (like machine readers), we don't have a lot of options to help some things stand out or to increase urgency with message design.

Here, we've re-designed the message Style to improve readability. We've also edited the message to reduce jargon (that darn wildfire language again) and instead offer plain language content that gives people instruction on the actions that they can take to prepare, should an evacuation become necessary.


Feel free to post this on your social media site, just remember to attribute it to The Warn Room and include the web address: - Thank you!

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