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The importance of message consistency.

Top WEA sent 11/4/2022 1:23 pm CDT Bottom WEA sent 11/4/2022 1:20 pm CDT

External message consistency is just as important as internal message consistency. When messages that are sent by different organizations to the same population differ in their description of the hazard and its potential severity, actions may be delayed by message receivers who search for confirmatory information. Here we have an example of two WEAs sent within minutes of each other to nearly identical geographical areas. NWS names the hazard a TORNADO WARNING; Bryan Co. calls it a TORNADO EMERGENCY. For message receivers who were recipients of both messages, the outcome would likely be a bit of confusion. While neither message clearly identifies the location at risk, the Bryan Co. notification is 120 characters in length, suggesting that value could be added by including the towns at risk. Including an action or expiration time would also increase message understanding.


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