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To the left (click image to enlarge), we include the original 90-character WEA and a revised 272-character WEA.

The first message on the editor's desk is an incomplete brushfire message that was exactly 90-characters long. It has been edited to 272-characters. To improve this message, we've added a placeholder for the source, or sender, of the message, put the name of the HAZARD in ALL CAPS, and provided an impact statement that helps the message receiver to understand why they are being told to be ready to evacuate. We've also added context about the time when the message was issued and the area that is under threat. We emphasize the PROTECTIVE ACTION IN ALL CAPS to draw attention to the instructions that are being provided to the message receiver. To complete the message, we've provided a placeholder for additional information, such as a url or phone number where people can go to get additional information. Because this message says to BE READY to evacuate when advised by local officials, message senders need to remember to issue that second message to the same area as well as others who may be at risk when an evacuation order is issued.


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