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A 5 Star Warning!

Issued 9/22/2023

(click image to enlarge)

The Warning Gallery loves to display messages that exemplify good messaging. This message, issued for a public safety/restricted water access event, includes all five contents and does so in a highly readable and internally consistent manner.

They clearly include the message sender (ok, yes, they could have spelled out Dare County).

They explain the hazard/context and the location of the problem.

Then they take it one step further and clearly identify which residences will experience the water problem, and for how long. Those who are not in the identified residences should expect to see service sooner.

And finally, they provide a solution to the problem by setting up access to bottled water for those who need it (this is the guidance part - how to get help).

Not only is this a great message that clearly communicates the threat, location, guidance, and time to the public, but they also provide a solution, demonstrating good governance.

Well done Dare County Water Department!


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