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Post-event messages should inform people that they are safe.

WEA issued 6/27/2023

Researchers are learning a great deal about how to effectively communicate that an event has ended, an order has been cancelled, and people can safely resume their activities. The key is to help people understand what has happened, that the impact/consequences have been contained, and they are safe to return home or leave their sheltering places.

In the original message above, message receivers are left to

search for information that will help to interpret their next steps (return? stay away?). And a quick search of the Facebook page showed that this information was not easy to find or interpret.

One approach to effective post alert messaging is to follow the recommendations for message contents and order similar to a warning message.

1. Tell people about the hazard, the location, and the time.

2. Explain that there is no more potential for impact.

3. Provide concrete guidance on what message receivers can do (return, leave, etc.).

4. And provide additional information for those who want to know more.

This will result in a clear, certain, and complete message that can increase trust in the organization and help people to decide their next action steps.


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