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Include actionable instructions in an alert

A BOIL WATER notice can be confusing to many people leading to questions like:

Why do we have to boil water?

for how long? Will it really I prevent me from getting sick?

To prevent confusion, you can add instructional information that explains what the hazard is, how it can harm people, and what they can do about it.

In this message, we include information about 1) what has caused the threat, 2) how the hazard can impact people, 3) steps to mitigate the threat, and 4) assurance that the mitigation efforts will lead to safe drinking water.

Of course, including a URL that directs people to complete information about boil water orders, the health impacts of contaminated water, and how to keep oneself safe would also be a good strategy. This requires an extra step for message receivers, so adding actionable content in a WEA message would be the best start for keeping people safe.


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