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Reaching Multi-lingual Communities

WEA sent 1/4/23 by Santa Barbara County EM

Communicating with limited-English speaking populations MUST be a priority for risk communicators. As demographics across the U.S. continue to change, there will be an increasing need for communicating in languages other than English. WEAs can be sent in English and Spanish, but message senders must have the tools to translate and write competently in both languages. This is a challenge that many communities across the U.S. are trying to address. In a first for The Warn Room, we found this 365 character message that includes both English AND Spanish. One detail is missing (the name of the sending organization) but they do provide a link to additional information. Future work in this area is needed for all languages as well as other access and functional needs. For more info on work in this area, click "read more" below.


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