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"Practice bear awareness"

WEA sent 10/10/2021

Some WEAs are sent for unusual events, such as in the case of an injured bear on the range in Mt Teton County. This message is nearly complete: Hazard and hazard description - a hunter encountered a bear; the bear is injured; Date/time - this occurred on 10/10. Location - "FWP" doesn't know where the injured bear is now located; Guidance - protect yourself by carrying bear spray, traveling in groups, and making a lot of noise. Also, be aware that the bear is out there; For more information, you can call Bear Management Specialist Chad if you want to know more information. Missing from this message is a clear statement about the message source; the use of an acronym for "FWP" could be spelled out. Also, a non-bear expert may be unaware of what an encounter with an injured bear might mean. Practicing "awareness," whether it be "weather awareness," "bear awareness," or awareness of other potential threats can be more helpful when it is clearly defined for the reader. In this case, being on the lookout for an injured bear means taking protective action.

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