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The importance of location information

WEA issued 4/22/23 to persons in Met Life Stadium

The research record on alerts and warnings consistently identifies the importance of including 5 primary content types to create a COMPLETE message. This message does include information about the hazard and the guidance to persons who are at risk. However, it leaves out other key pieces of information. All effective warning messages should include location information. The research record shows that this increases personalization and helps the receiver to know that they are personally at risk. In this case, the 206 character message, could have included content about the location of the population at risk - person IN Met Life Stadium - or persons in the area AROUND Met Life Stadium. This was not included. An effective warning message will also include the message source - in this case, the message was issued by NJ State Police. Pointing to the authority that has identified the threat, a local weather forecaster or forecast office, for example, could provide additional confidence in the message and the likelihood that the hazard was imminent. Message writers - you have 360 characters; make use of them to deliver a complete message.



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