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LCFD NYPD UALB... the problem with acronyms

Source information is important, y'all!

While clearly there are constraints that come with a 90 character WEA, when you have the full 360 characters you also have the opportunity to spell out the name of the source sending the message. In these examples, we applaud the organization for including something that signifies who the message comes from in the 90 character message. Unfortunately, an identical message was issued for all 360 character receivers. Researchers have found that nearly 95% of the phones on the market today are capable of receiving the longer message. So, why not make use of that space and give people the complete information necessary for decision making? Also missing in the longer message is a more complete description of the location that falls into the 1 mile or 1.5 mile radius area (we also wonder how many people remember their high school geometry lessons when thinking about area and distance). The bottom line: information about the source is important. In general, people who receive a WEA do not know who is comes from OR how it is issued (relative to the cell tower location). A complete message will increase message believability and efficacy. By demonstrating consistent and effective messaging, an organization can build trust with constituents.


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