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Improving Guidance Statements

(WEA sent on 10/15/2022 at 17:39 pm)

This WEA includes most of the elements of a good message.

The source is identified (San Bernardino County Sheriff)

The hazard is named (mud and debris flow) and there is an explanation of why the threat may increase (due to storm activity).

The location at risk is clearly identified (for those who are familiar with the local areas).

The time is implied (now under evacuation order).

What's missing? A clear statement about the protective actions that individuals should take. While stating that an area is under an evacuation order may motivate some to leave their homes, providing specific instructive information would likely reduce delay to action.

A few other ways to improve the clarity of this message: describe what affects may occur from the mud/debris flow, direct evacuees to places where they can shelter, offer ways to get more information.

This message is 285 characters long... adding a few more details in the remaining spaces may help the receiver to address the uncertainty that comes from the use of technical language (evacuation order) and what they must do next.


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