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BOLO sent 4/21/23

WHEN YOU WANT TO GET ATTENTION, SOMETIMES IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO SCREAM. Sometimes, getting ATTENTION can be as simple as varying the TEXT so that sometimes the TEXT is in ALL CAPS and sometimes it is not. Do you see what I did there? Your eye went to the text that was in ALL CAPS because it was different from the other text. This same effect can be created using bold font or italicized font or a combination of the three bold/italicized, bold/ALL CAPS, italicized/ALL CAPS. The objective is to make use of textual effects to help draw attention to the content that is the most important when time is limited. Current eye tracking research focused on short messages is investigating the effect of ALL CAPS on recall... we're finding that the content that is emphasized using ALL CAPS is also the content that is focused on and remembered. When you use ALL CAPS FOR THE ENTIRE MESSAGE, you may be screaming, but it may not be the most effective strategy. ... And a comment on this message. This same content was delivered for a 90 and 360 character message. It incomplete & difficult to interpret. A complete message could have been sent for the longer message, using appropriate punctuation, adding information about the source of the message and what the sender wants the public to do.


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