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Cheeky humor...

WEA sent 1/4/2023

Recent research on the use of humor for crisis communication has shown some mixed responses. Generally it has focused on preparedness messaging (such as the zombie apocalypse campaign run by the CDC) or long term recovery (such as the fan club for Rusty the Lava Rooster who gained a following in 2018 during a volcanic eruption in HI). This message sent from a Sheriff's Office in SD says, tongue in cheek, 'If you must travel, don't' and follows with an explanation for message receivers about the road conditions, potential impacts to travelers, and the plans for reopening the roads. While they don't include a date/time for the message, The Warn Room is amused by the clarity (don't) as well as the polite language (please) that follows.

The effectiveness of this approach is yet to be seen...

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Oct 09, 2023

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