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Location information update

(WEA sent 4/23/23)

The editor's desk draws from research to suggest improvements to the hazard impact statement and to specify the location and population at risk.

A few minor changes can affect understanding, personalizing, and deciding while minimizing delay. In this case, we've updated this incomplete message, expanding it to 344 characters and filling in the gaps on the message

source, hazard impacts, and timing, while also providing greater specificity about the location of the population being notified. While it is likely that persons outside of the stadium were also alerted, we've focused only on those inside the venue. Notably, the original message did not provide an explanation about the hazard threat, nor did they highlight words that would capture the message receiver's attention. Those at the editor's desk suspect that this was only one of many channels used to alert this static population - and if many of the mobile devices were alerted at the same time, attention was probably not an issue. Message writers have 360 characters when writing a WEA; it may be surprising to see how much content can be included. But by building that complete message, protective action delay can be reduced.


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